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Letters, 19221966 by barth, karl and rudolf bultmann. Robertson and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. For a free catalogue and order form write to the above address. Pdf this article suggests that rudolf bultmann can be seen to. Educated at the universities of tubingen, berlin, and marburg, bultmann taught at the universities of breslau and giessen and from 1921 to 1950 was professor at the university of.

See all books authored by rudolf karl bultmann, including theology of the new testament, and jesus, and more on. Dunn the subject of myth is a vast and complex one. Bultmann s theology of the new testament changed the course of new testament interpretation and has continued to influence the field until today. However, among those who were aroused by barths early work, several major thinkers remained loyal to the existentialist emphasis abandoned by their mentor.

Nov 19, 20 karl barth rudolf bultmann letters, 19221966. He is famous as the one who demythologized the new testament, but very few understand what he meant by this or how his hermeneutical program connects to the other areas of his theological project. Rudolf karl bultmann christology, video 14 youtube. He was the son of a lutheran pastor, and he became professor of new testament at the university of marburg germany. Demythologizing the problem of myth in the new testament james d. Educated at the universities of tubingen, berlin, and marburg, bultmann taught at the universities of breslau and giessen and. He was one of the major figures of early20thcentury biblical studies. Born in germany in what was then the grand duchy of oldenburg, he studied theology at the universities of tubingen, berlin, and marburg. In this essay, i explore jaspers critique of rudolf bultmanns neoorthodox theology and evaluate jaspers response to it.

Jesus and the word return to religiononline jesus and the word by rudolf bultmann rudolf bultmann was an outstanding scholar in the field of new testament study. This site and its resources are free to anyone who wants to use it, but it does cost money to run. What the name of charles darwin is to the field of biological science, the name of rudolf bultmann is to the world of new testament study. Two of the most important of these men are friedrich gogarten and rudolf bultmann. Bultmann s commentary leads the way in being one of the most important commentaries on john in the 20th century, because of this. Together with karl barth, bultmann broke with liberal theology, but his often misunderstood programe of demythologization took him in a radically different direction from barth. Barth grew exasperated with bultmann s theology, and declared in a letter that the two them are like a whale and an elephant. If the inline pdf is not rendering correctly, you can download the. Rudolf bultmann 1960 and new testament and mythology and other basic. During the nazi domination, he took an active part in the strong opposition which the churches built up.

Bultmann s pioneering study of the new testament initiated a new era in biblical studies in the 20th century. Bultmann situates the theology of the new testament in the hellenistic thought. If one or more works are by a distinct, homonymous authors, go ahead and split the author. Born in germany in what was then the grand duchy of oldenburg, he studied theology. Rudolf karl bultmann 18841976 was a german dialectical theologian. Rudolf bultmann primary author only author division. Rudolf bultmannbirthday wednesday, august 20, 1884 birthplace wiefelstede died friday, july 30, 1976 occupation theologian born aug. Rudolf karl bultmann papers an inventory of his papers at syracuse. List of books and articles about rudolf bultmann online. As ambitious in scope as it is consistent in method, bultmann s volume asks and provides answers to the big questions. Is there a foundation in the jesus of history for what the bible says about him.

Many important insights into bultmanns own theology are revealed here. Rudolf karl bultmann student biographical essay in wesley wildmans encyclopedia of modern western theology boston u. Bultmann died in 1976 just as the conversation in north america was turning toward figures like james cone, hans frei, and david tracy. It is difficult to overestimate the singularity of rudolf bultmann. In my studies of john, almost every major commentary refers to this title by bultmann. Rudolf karl bultmann was born on august 20, 1884 in wiefelstede, oldenburg. Theology of the new testament, like other works of bultmann, calls for demythologizing the supernaturalism of the new testament and reinterpreting it existentially according to the kerygma that was timeless to christian faith.

Theology of the new testament by rudolf karl bultmann. His father, arthur bultmann, was an evangelicallutheran pastor, his paternal grandfather a missionary to africa, and his maternal grandfather a pastor of the pietistic tradition. Somewhat surprisingly, rudolf bultmann is the subject of growing interest. He is well known for his demythologizing of the new testament, and was influenced by the existentialism of martin heidegger. Unfortunately, this translation is only a selection. The translation of the first edition of the barthbultmann correspondence is an invaluable resource. Rudolf karl bultmann 1884 1976 was a german lutheran theologian.

Karl jaspers critique of rudolf bultmann and his turn toward. Rudolf bultmann is widely regarded as one of the three or four protestant theologians of the twentieth century whose impact on christian witness and theology promises to be lasting. The value of konrad hammanns fine biography is the extent to which it illumines the life and work of this extraordinary human being. To do it justice one would require an allembracing competence in such diverse fields as early greek literature and drama, the comparative study of religion, anthropology, psy choanalysis and the philosophy of history. Rudolf karl bultmann the german theologian rudolf karl bultmann 18841976 altered the direction of biblical studies by his work in the interpretation of the new testament 1. This article suggests that rudolf bultmann can be seen to. Though his autobiographical reflections are meager,5 we know6 that the classical training of his gymnasium years, 18951903, particu. Karl barth rudolf bultmann letters, 19221966 karl barth, rudolf bultmann, bernd jaspert, geoffrey w. Rudolf karl bultmann was a german lutheran theologian and professor of the new testament.

Rudolf karl bultmann wikipedia, a enciclopedia livre. Rudolf bultmann 18841976 was one of the most influential scholars and theologians of the 20th century. If you have found it useful and would like to help keep it going please consider popping something in the tip jar. It is rumored that karl barth abandoned his church dogmatics due exasperation caused by rising interest in rudolf bultmann despite barth triumphantly overcoming his friendturnedenemy in his magnum opus. If you have found it useful and would like to help. Rudolf bultmann is currently considered a single author. Rudolf karl bultmann article about rudolf karl bultmann by. Karl jaspers argued that bultmann s hermeneutical program operated with a superficial understanding of science which exaggerates the surety and finality of its results, as well as the differences between the ancient world and the modern. Rudolf karl bultmann papers an inventory of his papers at. Bultmann, culpepper and others between 1950 and 1980 severely changed the points of view of theologians regarding johns gospel.

Jan 03, 2015 was bultmann even interested in the jesus of history. He was born in germany in 1884 and studied at tubingen, berlin and marburg. So does the christian tradition enter mans horizon to ennoble and transform existence. Echoing kuhlmanns critique, karl barth suggests that, with the recognition. Juli 1976 in marborg is en duutschen evangeelschen theologen ween. Rudolf karl bultmann books list of books by author rudolf. His pater nal grandfather was a missionary, his maternal grandfather a pastor in baden. Virtually every student of theology worldwide is introduced to the writings of german scholar rudolf karl bultmann 18841976 and his students. He taught at the universities of breslau and giessen and from 1921 to 1950 was professor at the univ. Rudolf bultmann on myth, history, and the resurrection digital. Rudolf karl bultmann author of jesus christ and mythology. Did bultmann change his mind about the resurrection. Rudolf bultmann is one of the most widely known but least read theologians of the twentieth century.

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