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This travel advice covers the macao special administrative region sar. Our travel visa service receives the lastest updates from the chinese embassy on all requirements needed to obtain chinese visas. Macau visa fast turnaround get your macau travel visa. These fees to not include service, consulate, postage or. It is true that most filipinos who travel to zh from macau travel on a group visa. Macau visa application, requirements for citizens of india. Macau visa, how to apply a macau visa china highlights. Find out more about macaus liberal visafree policy.

As mentioned above, macau is a special administrative region of china, and their visa. Tourists in urgent need of a macau visa can apply through travel visa pro just complete the online form here to start your application call us 247. If you intend to travel to mainland china via macao using a british passport you must get a chinese visa before arrival at the border. Macau travel ban and restrictions in 2020 visa list. You can also find useful tips from fellow travellers. Generally passport holders of 66 countries are exempt from a visa to macaufor a certain period of time, while some are permitted to obtain a visa upon arrival at the immigration counter. To return to mainland china after visiting macau, get a multipleentry visa for china. A visa is not required for stays of fewer than 30 days. Document of transportation to macau and accommodation arrangement e. However, passport holders of six countries are required to obtain a prearrival visa before arriving macau. You can get a visa done the same day for 520 yuan or 420 pick up the next day. While most foreign visitors to macao do not require a visa, there are some exceptions and if youre pairing your trip with a visit to a chinese city or to hong kong, you may need a visa.

Generally passport holders of 66 countries are exempt from a visa to macau for a certain period of time, while some are permitted to obtain a visa upon arrival at the immigration counter. If not, you need to apply for a new visa for china. Us citizens may stay in macau for up to 30 days without a visa. Photos can be done here too for 60 each set of 4 pictures. Because of the importance of your passport, we strongly suggest that you send your application and passport to cibtvisas in a secure way, using a traceable courier such as fedex, ups. Which is particularly strong in several outbound markets. Further information on travel to and around the prc is available in our china country information page.

Find out which countries are exempt and what is required to obtain a visa. Express travel is also the exclusive gsa of air macau. Macau visa application, free for usa, india, singapore. If holding an ordinary passport, you need to apply for a visa for china unless you are covered by chinas visa exemption policy, such as the 2472144 hours visa free transit schemes, hainan 30day visafree access, visa exemption for tour groups meeting certain requirements, and visafree entry for holders of apec business travel card. Its developed country with a population of 649k people. Visit travel docs online to see macau visa requirements and fill out your application form.

The following information may not apply while covid19 travel restrictions are in place. Macau visa for lebanon passport holders in 2020 visa list. China via macao using a british passport you must get a chinese visa before. Rushmytravelvisa is a leader in expediting visa applications for travel to rushmytravelvisa is a leader in expediting visa applications for travel to china and all asian countries. Visa and passport requirements for macau world travel guide. Nationals from 66 countries are exempt from obtaining visa for travel to macau. According to the entry regulations released on the macau immigration department, currently, macau offers multipeentry visa exemption for citizens from total 79 foreign countries territories for visit of travel and business affairs.

Macau visa policy, visafree countries, what are required. Latest travel advice for macao, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus. The validity of visas if required depends upon factors including the nationality. The evisa is an alternative to visas issued at the ports of entry or visiting an embassyconsulate to obtain traditional paper visas. For other entry purposes, such as establishing residence on a long term basis, a different policy applies. The length of time that a travel can spend in macao visafree ranges from seven days to one year. Macau casinos to benefit from fewer chinese travel. But, if you are citizens of specific foreign countries and territories, and visit macau for. United states citizens visiting for less than 30 days do not need a visa for travel to macau. A visa on arrival costs mop100 individual, mop50 children under 12. The permitted duration of stay differs by nationality, and accute period ranges from a maxmium of 14 days, 30 days, 90 days 3 months, 180 days 6 months and. Our travel visa service receives the lastest updates from.

You must have a visa to travel between macau and mainland china. The government of the macau special administrative region allows citizens of specific countriesterritories to travel to macau for tourism or business purposes for periods ranging from 14 to 180 days without having to obtain a visa. Do you need a visa and passport for macau world travel guide. A valid us passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the date of entry is required.

Entry requirements macao sar of china travel advice. Macau travel guide seventy kilometers off hong kong and fortyfive kilometers away from guanghzhou, macao used to be a city under the administration of xiangshan county in guangdong before it was ceded to portugal in 1557 as a reward of weeping out pirates endemic to the area. All visitors to macau must hold a valid passport as with most countries, you will need at least 6 months validity on your passport or a valid travel document. You are eligible to the 90 days and 30 days visafree policy in hk and macau respectively. The locals are used to it, but as a tourist, you will become frustrated. Comprehensive information on macau visa requirements. Canadians travelling to mainland china via hong kong must obtain a chinese visa before arrival. Guinea bissau, sao tome and latin america brazil, and outposts in the far east east timor, macau, goa. Travellers entering macao from mainland china and then leaving. A visa is not normally required for transit passengers who remain in the airport international lounge. These nationals must obtain a visa to travel to macau.

You plan to work or study in macau visas must be obtained prior to departing the united states. English, cantonese and mandarin speaking customer service agents are ready to assist you 9 a. All a person from a visa exempt country needs to enter macao is a passport valid for at least one month, evidence of return transportation, and adequate funds. You plan to stay for more than 30 days obtain an extension with the macau sar immigration department, if necessary. The official language in macau is cantonese, but portuguese is also common. The new regulations will also make it easier for almost 3. Get the most uptodate information for macau related to macau travel visas, macau visa requirements and applications, embassy and consulate addresses, foreign relations information, travel advisories, entry and exit restrictions, and travel tips from the us state departments website.

Departing and then immediately reentering macau may result in a shorter visa duration. For longer stays, you must apply for an extension of stay, which must be approved by the immigration department of the macao sar. For stays over 30 days please contact the chinese embassy directly. This will depend on the country that you hold a passport for. Consulate general in hong kong are handled on an appointment basis only.

That means it maintains separate legal and administrative systems from the prc or mainland china. When deciding to travel for a holiday, business trip or perhaps a long term endeavour, it is vital to be aware of whether the country you wish to visit, requires you to obtain a visa. Visit the macau immigration services of public security police force or the embassy of the peoples republic of china website for. Comprehensive information on macau visa requirements apply now. In order to receive a full hong kong or macau sar passport, an individual must reside in the sar for at least seven years. Visa requirements for chinese citizens of macau wikipedia. To promote tourism, macau has some liberal visafree entry policies for citizens of 66 countries, including the us, canada, australia, and most of the countries in europe. A macau visa is required normally for a travel to macau.

The validity of visas if required depends upon factors including the nationality of the applicant. The chinese government eased access for almost 8 million people who have applied for a travel visa between china, hong kong, and macau. Get travel ban, restrictions alerts and advice before travelling to macau. Failure to do so could result in a fine and possible. For travel from macau to the mainland chinese cities such as guangzhou, shenzhen or zhuhai and others, passports are required to be valid for 60 days and visa application and travel document requirements required are as same as those of a traveler who enter china from beijing and shanghai. The macau, china visa is stamped on your passport and will become one of your passport pages. There are many interesting scenic attractions in macau, including senado square, ruins of st. Photocopies of the bio data page and used inside pages of a valid passporttravel document. Lebanon citizens dont need visa for travelling to macau as tourist. They each issue their own secure passports, and enjoy extensive visa free travel to other countries about 150 for hong kong sar passport holders and 100 for macau sar passport holders. Macau travel guides 2020 macau attractions map china. Second, make sure your passport has blank visa pages.

You must possess a valid passport and chinese visa to enter the peoples republic of china prc from macau. Copy of the bio page of a valid passporttravel document 3. If you require a visa, it can either be obtained in advance from a chinese embassy or consulate, or on arrival in macau macau visas are separate from visas valid for travel to mainland china. If you are from one of these countries, all you need to do is present your passport at the macau border checkpoint upon entry and you will be granted access to the city. Macau visas macau border checkpoints the venetian macao. Yes, filipinos resident in macau and there are a lot of them will be able to put you in touch with a travel agent who can. Tourist, business visas to macau from united states of america. However, you will not have a hard time managing with english. Macau travel guide what to know before you go 2019. Most destinations, including macau, require that you have adequate unused pages in your passport, allowing for any necessary stamps upon arrival and departure. The duration ranges from 180 days to 14 days, depending on nationality.

Get the most uptodate information for portugal related to portugal travel visas, portugal visa requirements and applications, embassy and consulate addresses, foreign relations information, travel advisories. For most others, you can obtain a visa upon arrival. For those who are travelling to a third country or region, they can alternatively use their chinese passports, chinese travel. An evisa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within a certain country. Visa requests cannot be processed without your original passport. Entry requirements macao sar of china travel advice gov. Get to the heart of macau with one of lonely planet s indepth, awardwinning guidebooks. Macau visa is required for one to enter macau, but no visa is required if the applicants are the citizens of 66 countries including us, uk, canada, australia, among others. Meanwhile, visa requirements for vietnam, sri lanka, nepal, nigeria, bangladesh and pakistan have been changed in 2010.

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